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System description

ITineris Informatics Ltd. has developed a GPS (Global Positioning System) based controlling system that is recommended for companies wishing to increase their income of vehicle usage, hoping to make their work more efficient and organised, and wanting to reduce the vehicle related costs, such as fuel and service costs.


The ITineris WayQuest system has three components: a data registering and storing on-board hardware device, a central GPRS communications server, and a software for gathering, representing and evaluating data.

  • GPS satellites
  • SMS
  • GPRS
  • Peripherals (identifiers)
  • Atlas vehicle module
  • Central data aquisition server
  • Internet
  • Peripherals (fuel gauge, thermometer, etc.)
  • WayQuest program

Detailed raw data coming directly from the vehicle arrive at the central GPRS server. The server’s task is to maintain a continuous connection with the vehicles, and also to serve data for the client computers through internet connection. For enhanced data safety, the vehicle module itself can store information up to several weeks, and the central server also gives access to data from the last 6 months.

In a few seconds data arrives to the WayQuest software installed at the user, this way the required last position, speed and state of various vehicles can be obtained. With graphical visualisation (placing tracks on map, showing speed, fuel and other data on diagrams) WayQuest software makes visual evaluation possible and supports vehicle park conroll with producing various reports.


ITineris Informatics Ltd. manufactures and sells two types of on-board devices, Atlas and Merkur. On-board devices contain GPS and GSM aerials and the optionally attached peripherals. Atlas is able to communicate with Peripherals identifying agricultural usage according to user, work tool and work flow (see: Peripherals).

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